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3D Modeling and Animation Services

Everywhere you look these days 3D is "Popping Up". But truth is, you don't need an "Avatar" sized budget to incorporate 3D into your projects.

Do you have a complex product that requires your customers to truly understand what’s behind the product in order to grasp the benefits and technology? With the latest in 3D technology we can recreate that product and incorporate the animation into an informational digital production.

Building a studio set can be both time consuming and eat up a large portion of your budget so why not have MMG create and build a virtual set for you in 3D. Sets can be designed in a variety of styles and built to perfectly match your message and target audience.

 Either way you look at it 3D animation not only brings life to your project but also lets your clients know that your company is on the forefront of technology.

•    Industrial and Architectural Models and Animation
    •    Conceptual Design
    •    Product Demonstrations
    •    Virtual Studio and Set Design
    •    Exploded Diagram Modeling
    •    HD Rendering and output
    •    Multi formatting (in and out)                               Email:                                 Phone:  845- 426 -1014

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